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Michael Cummings has been planning, designing and producing interactive systems since 1997.

How Sociable Is Your Media?

03.08.09 0

The Peril and Promise of Web “3.0” As you probably know the etymology of “democratic” is Greek; prefix demo- “people” + kratia “rule”. People rule in a democracy. If people rule in your design process, …read on »

Don Norman Video: UX Week

02.24.09 2

Don Norman with Peter Merholz at UX Event by Adaptive Path. Norman. Don Norman, the esteemed “Ralph Nader of design,” gives us 52:29 of his time to offer wisdom gained from his experience in matters of user experience, design, business, and making our case to management. Some highlights are transcribed for those who may find them useful to remember or quote Don Norman. …read on »

How To Win Users

01.25.09 0

Dale Carnegie published How to Win Friends and Influence People in 1936. This book has sold many millions of copies and been translated in do dozens of languages. What can it teach us in 2009 about interaction design that we should know and can use to improve our design and management strategies? A lot, in fact, as we strive to Win Users and Influence People’s Behavior in the digital age. …read on »

Adaptive Path’s Aurora

08.06.08 0

Adaptive Path’s Aurora hit the virtual reality streets today. Most likely you’ve already seen the video. Nothing new, not really. Apple has been whittling away at it, a byte at a time. The difference here is not the bytes, but the size: will it be hard for interaction designers to chew on, or will it help us solve problems standing too long on 2-D legs only, that 3-D can solve? …read on »

Applying Successful Recipes

07.27.08 1

Recipes define both ingredients and process. One without the other will make mush of even the best stew, or mashup. Same for web applications. Yet too often solutions are under, or over, cooked. If method matters, shouldn’t we be as methodical as any competent chef? After all, what is user experience if not a matter of taste, as well as real nutrition? …read on »

IDEA Conf. Chicago 10.08

07.12.08 0

The Information Architecture Institute is holding their Information, Design, Experience, Access (IDEA) conference at Chicago’s Harold Washington Library, this coming October 7 and 8, 2008. The IDEA Conference addresses issues of design for an always-on, …read on »

Psychology of Everyday Things

07.10.08 0

Don Norman’s book was copy-written in 1988, and this one proves once again that great books can remain relevant long after they first land in people’s hands. Though its point of reference for computing and user interface design will seem charmingly innocent to 21st century readers, the books real topics, have not changed: people, how they do things, and what designers must do to reduce human confusion and anguish, and liberate humanity to enjoy doing what they want or must. The need for knowledge, insight and wisdom in user interface design, as Mr. Norman gently guides us through, is as urgent as ever. No UI, UX / UE, human factors engineer, user scientist, or professional designers of any kind should practice their trade without first reading with care Mr. Norman’s now famous book.

More User Experience.UX Design Books
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