Can The Web Save Us?

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Some of us have held secret hopes for the web, that it will help extend the reach of democratic principals beyond the political sphere, as it is no longer the prime mover of social transformation. As discourse, popular and academic, on life science and information science have begun to connect at their respective frontiers, and turn more and more to systems theory for models of understanding, here I attempt to weave gossamer threads from related readings together, on a theme of patterns. And by this hope to catch the imagination of interaction designers, for how patterns in the natural universe may influence our work, so we may, going forward, utilize them for greater personal, economic, and social freedom and happiness, as the 4th of July 2008 approaches. …read on »

Top Eight UX Design Definitions

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No one person or source can define a term. Vocabulary, like all symbolic systems, is only useful to the degree we share meaning and experience relating to it, and agree (ideally, with no social coercion) on what a term refers to. Dictionaries, at best, merely document our collective sense of meanings and associations. As there is much misuse of “user experience,” with and without “design” affixed, and there is no dictionary entry for it (yet), here are the top seven definitions of ux design. I sought ten and came up wanting, so this entry comes with an invitation to you to contribute those definitions of user experience design (full three terms) that you find most precise or useful. Or add your own… inclusion is conditional, however, on a credibility standard that can only be defined as “secret sauce.” …read on »

UX Week SF 08.08

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Summary of Adaptive Path’s UX Week upcoming event in San Francisco California, from August 12 through 15, 2008. Speakers and workshops are highlighted, and a few thoughts are offered about event structure. If you’ve attended a previous UX Week event, your comments are welcome, if useful to others. …read on »

Got Strategy?

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User experience design and strategy are inseparable. Some say strategy is at the center of UX design. Which I wholly agree with. In this article we simply recognize the difference between business strategy and interaction design strategy, what they may, and may not, have in common, and what the purpose of interaction design strategy is. I don’t pretend to have hold the strongest hand in this game, so your comments are strongly encouraged. …read on »

Strategy vs. Management?

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Are the means and interests of design strategy and business management inherently at odds with each other? If so, then why do they need each other so much? As in most of life this far …read on »

Googleyness and Yahoo!

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How “Googley” is Google? Could Yahoo! be even Googleyer? In this article I take Google’s UX design principles and measure its, and Yahoo!’s, top services—search and advertising—against them. Of course I can only provide one user’s view, and that is no sufficient sample. So your participation is required. See my UX score card, and add yours to it. Three months from publication, provided a fair sample of qualitative views, scores will be totaled. Could Yahoo! be more Googley than Google?

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Designing For Interaction

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Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices, Dan Saffer’s first and so far only foray in to print publishing, is a tight little knit of a book. Some passages, which could have tackled the beefier topics, play tag instead. Yet the page count makes it a good weekend read. What it may lack in depth, Dan more than compensates for with a great variety of ideas, images, interviews, and examples of ways we can, and should, design for interaction in smart and clever ways.

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Elements of User Experience

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The Elements of User Experience – User-Centered Design For The Web, is an important and nascent work, spawned (like his design agency, Adpative Path) by the popularity of Jessie James Garrett’s Elements of User Experience diagram, first published in March of 2000. Garrett’s only book, to date, elaborates on and expands the concepts exampled in Garrett’s diagrams without seeming the least bit pedantic, practicing reader-centeredness in every turn of phrase. Read about Garrett’s highly readable book and it’s great contribution to interaction design as a profession.

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Managers Who Love Design…

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Managers managing designers without trade craft training and experience are usually at a disadvantage when trying to communicate design needs in terms that define professional design. Here I offer some ideas to help solve that, so that designers are happy and motivated, and managers, and their managers, get what they really need to succeed. And yes, there is a catch; playing de facto Art Director may be lost in the bargain. …read on »

UX Intensive Strategy

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Brendon Schauer’s UX Strategy day at UX Intensive 2008 in San Francisco was excellent. See Brandon’s UX Strategy presentation slides.

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