Garrett’s State of User Experience

10.18.09 3

Re. Jesse James Garrett gives a State of the User Experience Address UX Week – Video Jesse James Garrett, author of The Elements of User Experience – User-Centered Design For The Web, who can …read on »

Don Norman Video: UX Week

02.24.09 2

Don Norman with Peter Merholz at UX Event by Adaptive Path. Norman. Don Norman, the esteemed “Ralph Nader of design,” gives us 52:29 of his time to offer wisdom gained from his experience in matters of user experience, design, business, and making our case to management. Some highlights are transcribed for those who may find them useful to remember or quote Don Norman. …read on »

UX Week SF 08.08

05.17.08 0

Summary of Adaptive Path’s UX Week upcoming event in San Francisco California, from August 12 through 15, 2008. Speakers and workshops are highlighted, and a few thoughts are offered about event structure. If you’ve attended a previous UX Week event, your comments are welcome, if useful to others. …read on »