Design Means Business III

02.26.11 1

In the previous second installment of Design Means Business a baseline definition of design was established so a vocabulary relating it to business strategy could be established. As strategy is traditionally in the business domain, and design sometimes thought merely visual, some tug-of-war has arisen in many organizations, either to pull control of UX design in to the business domain, or pull customer experience strategy in to the UX design domain. A case for improving collaboration and cooperation was made, and even principals of conflict resolution were lightly treated. In this next Design Means Business installment, the UX business/design strategy dichotomy is considered in terms of ways to move from subjective design and disagreement to empirical design objectives through UX process maturity, metrics, and measurement. …read on »

Design Means Business II

06.20.10 0

What is design, really, and why are designers such pests? In Design Means Business II we’ll establish a baseline understanding of design’s role and what motivates UX designers. …read on »

Design Means Business

01.16.10 0

This first Design Means Business installment addresses the business community, primarily. It aims to improve communication and collaboration between design and business partners working on web-delivered software projects. So UX and other designers may find it helpful, too. …read on »

Applying Successful Recipes

07.27.08 1

Recipes define both ingredients and process. One without the other will make mush of even the best stew, or mashup. Same for web applications. Yet too often solutions are under, or over, cooked. If method matters, shouldn’t we be as methodical as any competent chef? After all, what is user experience if not a matter of taste, as well as real nutrition? …read on »

Strategy vs. Management?

05.11.08 0

Are the means and interests of design strategy and business management inherently at odds with each other? If so, then why do they need each other so much? As in most of life this far …read on »

Managers Who Love Design…

04.13.08 3

Managers managing designers without trade craft training and experience are usually at a disadvantage when trying to communicate design needs in terms that define professional design. Here I offer some ideas to help solve that, so that designers are happy and motivated, and managers, and their managers, get what they really need to succeed. And yes, there is a catch; playing de facto Art Director may be lost in the bargain. …read on »