Minority Report Mouse’s Demise

03.17.09 3

User Interface Pre-cog’s Predict End of the Mouse We’ve likely all seen it: John Anderton, played by Tom Cruise, snaps on his information man-handling gloves and proceeds to literally manipulate the recorded premonitions (future memories?) …read on »

Agile 2008 Alan Cooper Interview

03.15.09 2

interview excerpts, clipped out to highlight Cooper’s ideas about Agile, Extreme Programming, Open Source, and being a knowledge worker/programmer a post industrial age, working in commercial enterprises still organized around industrial age management models. …read on »

How Sociable Is Your Media?

03.08.09 0

The Peril and Promise of Web “3.0” As you probably know the etymology of “democratic” is Greek; prefix demo- “people” + kratia “rule”. People rule in a democracy. If people rule in your design process, …read on »