Start Conference, SF 08.08

07.05.08 0

Jeffrey Veen and Co. have whipped up The Start Conference to help those who’d like to start their own companies. When it comes to conferences, I too think less is more. This one should be great. A few VC types actually advertising their attendance is also a good sign that there may even be some preexisting confidence in those who’d attend, as the network itself represents good company. So… ‘ya wanna start som’thin?’ …read on »

UX Week SF 08.08

05.17.08 0

Summary of Adaptive Path’s UX Week upcoming event in San Francisco California, from August 12 through 15, 2008. Speakers and workshops are highlighted, and a few thoughts are offered about event structure. If you’ve attended a previous UX Week event, your comments are welcome, if useful to others. …read on »

UX Intensive Strategy

02.21.08 0

Brendon Schauer’s UX Strategy day at UX Intensive 2008 in San Francisco was excellent. See Brandon’s UX Strategy presentation slides.